Four Indian telecom operators will survive till 2020


Indian telecom sector will have just four telecom companies operating in India by the year 2020. The Airtel Company, of bharati telecom, went for a symbol change, only to make its global stepping highlighted. The bharati Airtel will be going into collaboration with a South African company and will be going for world wide operations from June 2012. Till then ... Read More »

Connect Broadband Automatically


Connect broadband can be connected automatically and the user need not login always, whenever, he/she starts the system. The software is structured in such a way that it can automatically login and can make the availability of internet surfing ready for the surfer. But during the boot up time, or process, some connect broadband automatically files will get erased and ... Read More »

Best 5 Computer sound cards


High quality sound is always on demand, by any PC user. But a PC delivers an exceptional high quality sound, only when it is equipped with a best quality sound card. So, here are best 5 cheap and best sound cards for the year 2010 and there may be a slight price difference from the market prices. Always go for ... Read More »

Bsnl Evdo Drivers


Bsnl evdo drivers are available on the World Wide Web and can be downloaded for free. Bsnl evdo wireless USB modem or a data card us AC8700 and is provided by the ZTE mobile.This device is elegant and also is jazzy and looks perfect for the modern age using. It has USB port connectivity and so can be connected to ... Read More »

Top five business phones in India


Business community in India is becoming full tech savvy these days. It is reported that the number of users using a phone for business purposes has doubled than the users of younger generation. Mostly, the business end phones are deviced for communication via voice and also via emails. So, here are the top five business phones, which are among the ... Read More »

Connect Broadband


Connect broadband is also known with the name of Infotel, which is a HFCL Infotel LTD enterprise. Connect broadband is a business venture of HFCL group and provides total communications solutions such as broadband internet, mobile telephony, fixed line telephony, customized data services and value added services. Connect broadband which is a communication services was launched in Punjab, in the ... Read More »

lg android phone price


Lg android phone priceĀ  LG GW620 Touch Screen Android Phone with QWERT keypad is offered for a smart price of Rs 18,999 and excludes taxes. Specifications LG GW620 Touch Screen Android Phone with QWERT keypad is loaded with an Android Operating system. LG GW620 Touch Screen Android Phone with QWERT keypad has a 3-inches touch screen interface with TFT screen ... Read More »